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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Engineering Building Atrium Closed, May 9 to Fall 2016

Beginning Monday, May 9th the atrium of the Engineering Building will be closed for renovation. The atrium will remain closed through the summer and will reopen for the fall semester.

The spine will remain open and people must utilize the stairwell and elevator in the spine tower to transfer between floors. Signage will be placed in the area to direct people.


  1. Well the fall semester has come and almost went, yet the atrium is still closed, literally a pair of doors has not been unlocked. Can someone please unlock the damn doors?

    1. Which doors are you referring to?

      If you're talking about the doors to the UAA Drive crosswalk, these doors will not be reopened for everyday use. When the work is completed in that section of the atrium the doors will be emergency egress-only.