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Friday, May 23, 2014

Smoky Conditions May Impact Building Operations Memorial Day Weekend

Due to fires thorough out the State, the weather service has forecast the Anchorage bowl to be smoky this weekend. Facilities has staff on standby to respond to a heavy smoke event which may cause us to shut down air handling equipment. We intend to keep building air handling equipment running until the smoke triggers fire detection systems. If this occurs we will be shutting down air handling systems on buildings.  If your are working this weekend please be aware fire alarms may sound. 

When you return on Tuesday it is highly probable that the building will be smoky, stuffy, and warm. This will dissipate as the building occupancy increases and systems begin operating at normal capacity. 

If you are on campus this weekend and experience a campus building emergency please call UPD and they will contact the Facilities on call staff.  

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