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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Information on East Campus Central Lot Activities

We have received several questions regarding the different activities in and around East Campus Central Lot. There are currently 2 separate activities occurring in this area:

First: on the west side (near the NSB) we are moving relocatable buildings that have been located north of the Engineering Building to the wooded area next to the parking lot. At this point the site is mostly cleared and Neeser's crews are preparing the site for the structures. The row of parking next to this area has also been fenced off for staging for this activity and the construction of the new 485-space parking garage (located north of the Engineering building). These spaces will be unavailable for parking for approximately 1 year.

Second:  on the east side of the parking lot we are conducting repairs on a critical system failure. Earlier this summer we replaced heating equipment in Energy Module 2 (EM2; the small utility building north of the SSB) to improve heat delivery to Engineering. Unfortunately, when we recharged the heating lines this improvement turned into an example of what occurs with aging infrastructure: the lines that run under the parking lot failed. After lengthy investigation the extent of the break was determined.

We are currently waiting for new insulated pipe to be fabricated and delivered. These materials are expected to arrive early next week (week of August 18th). Our contractor hopes to have the repairs completed and the trench refilled before the start of the semester; however, this work is weather dependent and may very well extend into the fall semester. Students, faculty, and staff in and around the SSB should be prepared for this eventuality. These lines supply heat and cooling to NSB and Engineering, so we must proceed cautiously to ensure the buildings have heat by the time winter arrives.

Please be aware of personnel and equipment operating in and around both of these areas.

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